Who are we?


We started back in October 2014 with a dream of creating nourishing plant-based lunches and an eating experience that is good for the soul.

We are a small team of food-loving maniacs who are committed to making the world a healthier place. Our mission is to make plant-based food more delicious, accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We believe in...

  • Being as fresh as possible: Our chefs start super early, selecting the produce for the day at local markets.
  • Making our eaters feel cared for: Our lunchboxes are lovingly put together, layer by layer, so each Cropbox you eat will make you smile from the inside out.
  • Helping the planet: We consciously source our packaging and produce and do everything to limit waste.
  • Making healthy food accessible: That's why each box is just 9 euros and we deliver right to you!

About Dom the Bomb

I've always loved beautiful food and found my curiosity in the kitchen as a little girl. My food journey began when I started making lunchboxes for my siblings for school and for my parents for work. I loved making their lunches a surprise for them, rather than sticking to the usual suspects. ...and at the same time, I developed a passion for healthier eating.

Cropbox is the expression of my journey as a professional chef and artist. I dream of feeding as many people on this planet the best possible lunchbox experience and leaving the planet in a better state than I found it.