Anatomy of a Cropbox

As we continue on with our Edible Storytelling journey, we want to build from the ground up. So today we’re going to introduce, really introduce, a Cropbox to see what it’s made of. 

As most of you know, Cropbox is different every day and each box contains a variety of elements. We want to diversify the kinds of food you experience. It helps expose you to a broader range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, introduces you to delicious new foods and flavors, and ensures you never get sick of any one thing.

So while we're never formulaic, you can generally expect to find a mix of the following things in your lunches:

The Base

We believe fresh greens should find their way into your food at least once a day. Their alkalizing properties wake up your stomach and balance the pH levels to help you digest the rest of what you put in your body.

Something Crisp and Crunchy

Do you know how important chewing is? We have to give you some crispety crunchy, fresh and sometimes raw veggies to sink your teeth into and really chew on.

The Star

While we think all the elements are stars, we often can’t help ourselves. Something in the box has to steal the show, beat the band and take the cake. Mmmm… cake.

Something Hearty

Above all, food is a comfort. Something hearty, rooty, roasty and toasty gives you a hug from the inside out. We wanna make you feel loved.

Something Smooth and Creamy

We love playing with textures and something smooth, moist and creamy helps soften the whole experience.

Something with Energy

Sprouts are considered a super-food and nuts and seeds aren’t far behind. Packed with protein, they are life-giving energy sprinkles and we can’t get enough.

Something Dressy

Our dressings are just that: they dress up the box and harmonize all the ingredients inside. Think of it as the alto, coming in over the top to awaken your senses and make you aware of new flavors and textures.

Today’s box is a classic and contains all of the above. Of course, sometimes we really go off the rails and ignore this formula altogether (as was the case with our pulled pork sandwich, California burrito and hand-rolled sushi, to name a few). But mostly, this is the recipe that makes each Cropbox nutritionally balanced, deliciously flavored and exciting to eat.

But we obviously like to keep you on your toes so who knows what could be next.... Stay tuned!

In the box today:

The base: Lemon massaged cavalo nero

Something crisp and crunchy: Runner beans with tarragon and chili

The star: Buckwheat balls with pistachio pesto

Something hearty: Curried chickpeas with roasted aubergine, red pepper
and salted celery

Something smooth and creamy: Creamy tahini cauliflower

Something with energy: Red beet and alfalfa sprouts

Something dressy: Minty yoghurt dressing