A guide to magic

There’s no doubt that Elissa Singstock radiates. With a halo of fine blond hair, smooth skin and what can only be described as an aura about her, she’s the type of person that inspires honest thinking, speaking and feeling.

Not only that, she’s cool. In fact, the first text Dom received after Elissa's interview was: “Elissa is fucking rad.”

From a nomadic existence growing up across the United States, Elissa landed in Amsterdam 12 years ago and doesn’t show signs leaving anytime soon. Speaking seemingly from a place of pure fact, with no ego attached, she describes herself as a spiritual person, able to do and see things others cannot.

We’ve interpreted it as an openness to the energy of the universe. Or, to one more prone to whimsy and nostalgia, an openness to magic.

So, for this installment of Edible Storytelling, we’ll use Elissa’s perspective as inspiration to write a quick field guide: a field guide to being magical.

Step 1: Be open and vulnerable

From a young age, Elissa knew she could do certain things like speak to animals, control the weather and move energy around. She moved around in the world thinking everyone else could do those things too but as she grew older, she began to realize that not everyone could. For her it’s just part of who she is. “I don’t think it’s a power or anything, it’s just being open to what the universe wants to show you.”

Step 2: Protect yourself

Another thing Elissa realized is that she has the power to help and heal people. If someone’s head or back aches, she can take that away from them. But she quickly learned that by taking someone’s pain she was inevitably taking it upon herself - she’d begin to the feel the same symptoms she had just helped cure. It was only with years and year of research and practice that she learned to help others without taking on their pain. She knew she had to protect herself to continue healing.

Step 3: Trust your instinct

Elissa tells the story of walking as a child through the woods with a group of her friends. She instinctually yelled for them all to stop and as soon as they did, a pack of snakes slithered across their path. Learning to trust your instinct and being open to the voices that call to you is a type of magic that not many have mastered.

Step 4: Find balance

“You don’t need to be in pain to be spiritual. You can still have fun and live your life and do what you have to do.” It’s about finding the balance between the spiritual and the 3D world most of us exist in. It’s about being open to other dimensions of time, space and energy, while still being able to successfully live here on earth. Or it’s about finding balance in any area of your life you wish to. Existing in two seemingly conflicting planes and finding ways to reconcile and harmonize them is an incredible skill.

Step 5: Let go

At the end of 2016 Elissa took a sabbatical to travel through South America and end with a shaman training in Mexico. She had three places that “really needed to happen. Even if they are a bit touristy, they needed to happen for spiritual reasons.” They were: Easter Island, Machu Picchu and the Galapagos. Aside from those three things, she had no plans, something she admits was scary at first but ended up being an amazing gift. “The best experiences are often unexpected. The universe plans stuff for you. If you’re not supposed to go the universe will block you, if you are it will give it to you. I knew I’d go to those three places but everything else in between was just brilliant.”

Step 6: Celebrate that we are all connected

“I can tell you from moving around the world, so many people actually look the same.” It's well known that scientists argue that the world was at one time one large continent that has broken into sections and moved across the globe throughout millennia. We must try to see the magic in the idea that we are all from the same place and all connected.  

PS: We think this guide can help in every day life too, not just for magic. xxx

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