A rose by any other name...

The name Geertje is a diminutive of the Dutch version of the name Gertrude. Gertrude comes from the German words meaning "Spear of Strength." 

Though the initial essence we captured of Geertje van Odijk was that of a lovely blossom, fresh and springlike in its gentleness, it's not surprising that she's also represented by such a strong name. 

Even as a dreamy child who passed the time drawing and painting, Geertje wound up as an Economics major, even going on to get a Masters in the subject. "The day before I had to decide what to study at university, I chose economics. Even though I never liked it in school. I chose it very rationally and I just did it," she says. She did her undergraduate studies at the University of Utrecht and completed her Masters at the University of Rotterdam with an emphasis on Marketing economics. "That was a bit better because there is more creativity."

After graduating and working different creative jobs all within the marketing and advertising industry, Geertje pursued her artistic passion and went to art school. She eventually decided to try her hand as a freelancer and hasn't looked back since.

She works as a creative art director and branding specialist and is driven by her fascination with photography and images: "their role, meaning, impact and ultimately the power they have." 

She explains when she first began freelancing there really was no stress. She was confident things would come together and work out and indeed they have. She oozes a relaxed contentedness and freely admits that she's happy her work and personal life are so intertwined. 

"Before it was like, "Okay,  I have this office I go to five days a week and at the end of it I reeaaaallly just need to get out of the building because I'm so sick of it." And now everything is sort of mixed which I love. Like in the beginning even if I was just reading magazines on the weekend, I almost couldn't sleep because everything was so inspiring."

And the key to her success in her work? Intuition.

"All the small decisions you make during the work, during the day... they're really little things but they are very intuitive. At the beginning I didn't always listen to my intuition because I didn't really know it yet but now I know. When I do something small like that and make a decision, I'm so happy that I did it. And every time there is a little thing I don't act upon, I usually regret it."

But back to the blooming nature of her personality.

Inspired by Geertje's name and its hidden meaning, we're going to build a bouquet that represents her, using the meaning behind many common flowers (according to the Farmer's Almanac). These are the characteristics that stand out the most to us.

She makes a beautiful bouquet... and a beautiful person. 

Photo by Geertje

Photo by Geertje

Angelica - Inspiration

Chrysanthemum - Cheerfulness

Fern - Sincerity

Hollyhock - Ambition

White Hyacinth - Loveliness

Oak - Strength

Oregano - Substance

Peony - Happy life

Yellow Tulip - Sunshine in your smile

In the box today:

Purple sprouting broccoli massaged with candied lemon

Raw fennel, apple and watercress salad

Strawberries and creamed pea pate wrapped in marinated courgette

Leek and white asparagus tartlet

Maple, lemon and basil dressing

Hello lovers!