Pinch something, try something

Spunky, talkative and full of ideas, Megan Vasko of Pinch Sum Dumplings has a personality to match her (currently) spirited red hair. While she has auburn locks at the moment, she playfully described herself as the "hair of many colours pony," and it's clear Megan has a taste for adventure and a willingness to try new things.

That may have been the main inspiration behind her Asian fusion dumplings, which she uses as a canvas for flavours from all over the world. Why can't Asian dumplings have Mexican, Puerto Rican or even Nigerian flavours in them, she wants to know?

How beautiful are these?

How beautiful are these?

Originally from Ohio, she moved to the UK for a temporary stint and ended up staying for five years. After her work permit in Edinburgh ran out she was transferred to Amsterdam where she started her dumpling business with the emotional support of family and friends. 

With a background in food and nutrition, Megan wanted to start a food business that was also a social enterprise - something that could be successful and profitable but then reinvested back into the community. After a trip to Puerto Rico to visit a friend where she had a spring roll stuffed with Puerto Rican pork, Megan's idea for Asian fusion dumplings was born. To fulfill the social enterprise dream, she's partnered with the Amsterdam-based organization StreetSmart, donating time and dumplings to help with their fundraising efforts, among other things.

When asked about where she gets her ideas for creative fillings, she said something that struck us as a very important idea, something we'd all be wise to incorporate into our own lives.

"I'm more interested in what I don't know, than what I do," she says.

This is, of course, applied to her business when it comes to developing new flavour combinations and experimenting with new ingredients but we imagine it's also somewhat of a philosophy in her life. An intrepid soul with a flair for the uncommon, she seeks to experience new things as a way to broaden her current mindset. 

It's not unlike a quote from Thomas Jefferson, and a thought we'll leave you with today, as a form of inspiration and even motivation:

"If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done."

So get out there, Cropboxers, and let's do it! <3