"Your vibes speak louder than your words." 

Earlier this week we described Victoria Schuller as a rainbow. But we think you should know she's more like a kaleidoscope: multi-dimensional, complexly patterned, psychedelic and... you bet, technicolored. WOWEEE BABYYYYY. She's a gem, you guys.

Originally from New Zealand, with a good portion of her younger years spent in Australia, Victoria grew up entrenched in the westernized "bubble" of her South Pacific home. But she knew there was more out there for her - for her heart, her mind and her soul - so she eventually set off on the adventure of a lifetime that, somewhere along the way, turned into her lifetime.

And you could say she picked up a few things during her travels. According to her killer website, she is a "self-confessed Multipotentialite:" a raw cuisine chef who is constantly educating herself and continuing her training, a holistic trainer of the body and mind, and, our favorite, a cake witch (who wouldn't want to be a cake witch?!). She is also a global citizen and a a compassionate vegan soul.

While she's landed in Europe (for now), her initial travels took her to South East Asia where she began an intense love affair with Cambodia and Thailand. When you speak to her about it you feel a powerful but tender love: a connection to that land that pulls through her from the bottoms of her feet. It was there she learned more about holistic health, mind and bodywork and became a certified practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage.

Her travels expanded her heart and "irreversibly peeled open" her mind and when she came to Europe, eventually settling in Amsterdam, she took those lessons with her. It was here she discovered raw cuisine and added yet another dimension to the kaleidoscope of her life.

Following the training of a leading plant-based chef, Matthew Kenney, Victoria is a certified raw vegan chef and also specializes in raw patisserie, (hence the "cake witch" title mentioned above). If you ever have the chance to try one of her "raw-reos" (raw oreos) do yourself a favor and try ten, they are SO GOOD. 

^^Those are all raw - vegan - gluten free - and refined sugar free! Check her Instagram to see more. 

In a common moment of wisdom and authenticity, Victoria told us that, when pulling back to view her life so far, her passion and interest for raw food seems like a beautiful combination of all the things she holds dear: art, fashion and design; holistic and conscious eating that's good for the body and mind; inspiration from global travels; a connection to humanity; and not least of all, color - vibrant, raw, in-your-face COLOR.

"Raw cuisine is like a plate of my life," she says.

We're so happy to know Victoria, to carry her colorful vibes with us even when she's not and to spread her message far and wide. 

In the box today:

Raw vibes with a bit of heat too...

Shaved fennel, kohlrabi, mango and avo slaw topped with crispy spiced cabbage

Dehydrated millet and wheatgrass wrap filled with a tomato and limeleaf relish, chickpeas, beans and portobello mushrooms.

Mushy pea pate with rose petals

Courgette roll ups, fillings: macadamia cheese and radish, beetroot and lime pickle with chervil.