Frequently asked quesTIONS

Are your boxes vegan?

Our boxes are always 100% vegan and 100% gluten-free. Plant-based power FTW!

Do you ever offer meat in your boxes?

No :)

So no meat, no dairy, no gluten… what do you put in the Cropboxes?

All boxes are designed as complete meals, loaded with leaves and veggies, a main feature that’s substantial and hearty, sprouts, nuts and seeds, relishes and pickles, a dollop of something smooth and a signature dressing to complement the other flavours in the box.

Do you deliver on Mondays or Fridays?

Not yet. At the moment we only deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays but are planning to expand our delivery days in the near future.

Do you ever cater special events?

Absolutely! We will happily open the kitchen for orders of 45 boxes or more any day of the week!. Please email

Do you ever deliver dinner boxes?

Our deliveries are always scheduled for lunchtime, but keep it in the fridge and your Cropbox will stay fresh until dinner.

What time do the boxes get delivered?

Cropboxes are always delivered between 12 and 1pm, before lunchtime hangries kick in.

Looks like I am outside the delivery zone, am I out of luck?

No! For a delivery fee, depending on your order size and location, we can always make exceptions. Get in touch at

Do you provide nutritional information about your boxes?

At the moment we don’t provide nutritional information for each box, but you can sleep easy knowing that each box is free from lactose, refined sugars, animal products and gluten. Please note that we generously use seeds and nuts, so those allergic should avoid Cropbox completely.

Any way I can have my delivery come at a specific time?

Shoot us a note or live chat us if you need your Cropbox delivered at a specific time – we’ll do our absolute best to accommodate. Otherwise you’re always welcome to fetch it at our kitchen.

How do I change my delivery address?

Make sure your alternate delivery address has been added to the homepage of your account - scroll down to "Addresses" and click "Add Address." Then on your personal calendar, click the box you'd like to change the address for and select your desired delivery address.

How do I change the date on which I want my Cropbox delivered?

We’ve made our very own simple-to-use drag ‘n drop calendar. Simply login and drag your boxes around all you like! Please note that the cutoff time for moving your orders around is 8:00am each Cropbox delivery day.

Can you tell me what’s going to be in the Cropbox ahead of time?

No. Cropboxes are really and truly made live! Each decision about the composition of your lunch is made bright and early, based on many factors, like weather, seasonality and even our moods! Embrace the surprise!

Can I pick what I want to go in my Cropbox?

No. Cropboxes are already incredibly custom-created lunches and we are unable to cater to exceptions. Have a look at our Instagram to get a feel for what we make.

Can I pay with credit card?

Currently we only accept Ideal payments, but if you’d like to sort out another payment option drop us a line at

Help! My Cropbox hasn’t been delivered yet.

Sometimes weather sucks or the traffic lights are broken. So use the live chat below and we’ll track down your box for you.

How do I place an order?

Click the "Place Your Order" button an any of our website pages and easily place your order through our online portal.

Anything else?

Use our live chat, drop us an email or give us a call (+31 6 36 53 48 77) and we’ll be happy to help you out.