What's in the boxes?

Each box is carefully balanced and put together for you by our chefs on the day.

Here's a breakdown of the elements that make up each Cropbox.

Leaves & Veggies

We always use a base of vegetables and leaves. We believe veggies and greens should be the foundation of every meal.

Make It Meaty

All our boxes are vegan-friendly — but we still love to pack in the meaty textures and flavours.

Sprouts, Nuts & Seeds

Sprouts are considered to be wonder foods. Seeds and nuts are not far behind, loaded with vitamins and minerals, rich in fibre and protein. We're never shy when we sprinkle these power-packed  goodies.

Relishes & Pickles

 A little bit of sweet and sour in the mix is always lekker! We're into fermenting, pickling, making awesome relishes and chutneys to hit your tastebuds in all the right spots.

A Dollop Of Something Smooth

Whether it's a smokey baba ghanoush, creamy guacamole, spicy chimichurri or some minty almond and pea patè - we love to dollop!


Since each Cropbox is uniquely themed, our dressings are designed daily to bring harmony to all the elements.